7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

In-Studio Autumn Equinox

The Stables Yoga Centre (10a Nunmill Street, York, YO23 1NU, GB)
(10a Nunmill Street, York, YO23 1NU, GB)
Chloe McKay

As summer comes to a close and the light fades and the temperature drops, Autumn creeps in. The late September Autumn Equinox marks the turning of the seasons and a move to a slower pace; a time for gathering in, finishing projects and harvesting thoughts, plans and ideas. The energy of Autumn also reflects a shift towards introspection where we can contemplate our life and feel more grounded in body and mind.

This class will offer you the space to do just that with a dynamic slow flowing yang practice to anchor the senses in the body and draw the energy down. Postures will then melt into a soothing yin practice and a chance to turn deeper inwards.

The Stables Yoga Centre


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