Menopause Afternoon

Do you feel like you are being dragged kicking and screaming into the menopause? Are you already in it and struggling with anxiety, hot flushes, lack of sleep? Do you sometimes want to murder your family? Are you wrestling with whether or not to take HRT? Do you feel you can't cope and want to run away and live in a forest for a few years?

Please, do not suffer alone! Come and join Sophie Carr and Renni Prelle for a morning of myth-busting, yoga, discussion, self-reflexology and relaxation. We will:

- share our experiences - great to release pressure, feel heard and learn new ways of navigating this massive change in your life

- learn two short yoga sequences, one for 'meno-rage' and hot flushes, and one for anxiety

- learn hand reflexology techniques which you can do whenever you feel symptoms

- bust myths around HRT

- do some serious and delicious relaxation

- learn a yoga sequence for ‘meno-rage’, hot flushes and anxiety

Sophie and Renni are two menopause enthusiasts who have navigated the most intense parts of the journey and are now feeling good about themselves again (most of the time!). It's really ok on the other side - in fact, it's better.

Sophie is the co-owner of the Stables, a yoga and mindfulness teacher with 30 years experience, and extra training in Menopause Yoga. Renni is a Complementary Therapist with special interest in menopause support; she has run menopause workshops in various settings including prisons. They bring in-depth knowledge, kindness, lightness and laughter to what can be a very difficult time for women.

(please email for financial assistance places)