Hands on Assists Workshop

This course has been cancelled

Hands on Assists Workshop with Sophie Carr and Chloe McKay

People love hands-on assists! At our studio we've just started giving
out our consent cards again, asking if people would like us to give them
physical support in their practice. 95% of our students take a card - it
seems people are hungry for contact and guidance through touch.

But how many of us teachers and trainee teachers are really confident
about touching people - especially since we've all been glued to our
mats while Zooming classes for the last three years? It's further
complicated by the issues of consent and the many abuse scandals in our
industry. Do we actually dare to touch people now?

Our workshop will teach you some very simple and safe hands-on assists
for the more common postures. We won't be teaching you how to push
anyone into a posture, rather how to gently encourage a student to find
their own way into a freer and lighter experience. We will explore the
key principles of embodied touch, absolute consent, movement patterns of
postures, and correct assists for different body types. There are times
when a prop is better than an assist, so we'll look at ways to navigate

Sophie Carr is a senior teacher with 30 years experience. She co-owns
the Stables Yoga Centre in York. She trained in Thai Yoga Massage a long
time ago, is a member of the Mindfulness Training Institute and the Diamond Approach. 
She has a special interest in embodiment, personal and inter-personal inquiry and the 
mind-body connection.

Chloe McKay is full time yoga teacher and yoga therapist with over a decade of 
experience teaching in the UK and abroad. She is interested in the mind-body 
connection and works with a variety of clients, focusing particularly on mental 
health and its influence on physical health and wellbeing. 


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