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Gong Sound Bath with Sound Portals

We are excited to be back at the Stables Yoga Centre, creating a relaxing sound journey for you. Come and lie down, de-stress, relax and totally unwind by letting the gongs take you into a deep meditative state.

We will play all of the gongs and instruments intuitively, in response to what is required and needed from the group that attends. We have added to our collection and will have 9 gongs, including our two new ones a 40" wind gong that has a great thunderous tone and a 36" planetary Pluto gong that helps to release old energies and patterns.

Please bring anything that will make your physical body as comfortable as possible on the floor for an hour. Pillow, cushions, thick mat and blanket/fleece. An eye mask also helps to assist in delving into the sound journey, leaving the world behind. Water for afterwards is essential.