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Sunrise Yoga

A whole month of early morning yoga in January, 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7-8am with 2 of our best-loved teachers - Chloe and Sophie. £100 for 13 sessions, starting on Friday 3 January. You'll be amazed at what regular early morning practice will do for you - this REALLY will keep you energised and balanced for the whole month. Starting the day with yoga influences how we feel mentally and physically, helping us feel grounded and open all day. You’ll be guided through a one-hour dynamic flow helping to awaken your body, focus your mind and open your heart. Not suitable for complete beginners. We strongly encourage you to keep with the course, but we do offer the chance for you to make-up a couple of missed mornings by coming IN JANUARY ONLY to one of our regular drop-in classes (EXCEPT Saturday 9am Dynamic Flow and Thursday 7:45pm Vinyasa Flow) . No refunds - commit to the whole month!