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Relax & Find Calm Within

This course has been cancelled
A 6 week course with Sophie Carr

Yin, restorative yoga and mindfulness.

Suitable for all.

Are you tired, stressed, burnt out, in need of recharge? Is your mind busy, are you running to catch up all the time?

Come and unwind deeply held tensions in the body, and foster a pervading sense of calm and spaciousness using these quieter styles of yoga. Each week we will explore aspects of mindfulness while lying in restful postures. We will also develop our capacity for mindful communication, experiment with mindful walking and learn other techniques to use in everyday situations or times of stress. There will be relaxed discussions and opportunities to support one another in our practice.

To truly benefit from this course, you will need to commit to about 20 minutes daily home practice.

**After booking, please email info@yogaco.co.uk - we would like you to complete a simple questionnaire, and will send you more details about the course**

- train your attention and focus with mindfulness of the breath
- be present and embodied through mindfulness of the body
- learn the 3-minute breathing space
- develop a loving, grateful heart with compassion practice
- explore emotions and develop more emotional intelligence
- be aware of thought-patterns and diminish self-judgment
- learn how to quieten the ‘inner critic’
- reduce our tendency to be over-reactive
- explore techniques to use in times of stress and anxiety

Please note, there are no refunds given if you withdraw from the course once it has started.