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A Day of Mindfulness with Sophie Carr

What exactly is mindfulness?

And why is it so popular? What’s the evidence for its usefulness?

How do you actually ‘do’ it? How can we lead more mindful and meaningful lives? Is it really possible to be less exhausted, less reactive, more resilient?

Can mindfulness make us more calm and relaxed?

In this day-long workshop we will answer all these questions and more. We’ll unpack the ‘foundations’ of mindfulness – breath awareness, embodied presence, mindfulness of emotions and mindfulness of thoughts. We’ll explore mindful communication, and look at techniques we can use in our daily lives, such as the 3-minute breathing space, mindful walking, and even mindful queueing! There will be meditation, relaxation and informal discussion.

The workshop will be a fun, down-to-earth, thorough instruction in the basics of mindfulness, and is suitable for everyone regardless of age, experience or lifestyle. Sophie Carr is senior teacher and co-owner of the Stables. She is qualified and registered with the Mindfulness Training Institute.