Escape From The World Retreat - Sunday 14th January 2024 12noon - 7pm

? Discover your sanctuary in the chaos of life at our "Escape from the World" retreat! ?

When the world outside is at its busiest, join us for a journey of serenity and self-discovery. Our retreat offers a perfect blend of yoga, release and stretch sessions, breath work, meditation, and Qi Gong, providing you with the ultimate escape.

Embrace deep self-care, let go of daily stresses, and find relaxation in the heart of winter. It's a beautiful way to look forward to the deeper, darker months of January, where you can nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Here is what your beautiful retreat day will look like:

12noon Welcome drink

12.15pm Breath work with Terri

1.45pm Comfort break

2pm Release & Stretch with Julie

3.15pm Comfort break

3.30pm Qi Gong with Sam

4.30pm Dinner

5.30pm Yoga with Emma

7pm Thank you and good byes