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Men's Health Retreat

We are so proud to introduce our very first Men's Health Retreat at The Happy Body Project Wellness Centre, Bedfordshire.

Experience a Wim Hof Method Breath work session and a cold exposure session (ice baths!), a Myofascial Release workshop to master ways to recover after exercise and to avoid injury, a men mental health talk and then you'll finish your day with an immersive Sound Bath, the most beautiful way to unwind and switch off.

The day has been specially designed for you to learn about ways to manage your mental health, to try new experiences that you may not have considered before and to meet like-minded men. You'll enjoy a delicious lunch and healthy snacks throughout the day. Your workshops and sessions will take place in the yurts at the Happy Body Project where you'll be surrounded by woodlands and farm land so you can truly escape reality for the day.

Your hosts are Alex, Julie and Jim; three personal trainers who dedicate their lives to helping improve the lives of their clients and friends by using exercise as a way to stay healthy, not just physically but mentally too