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Open Day - 12 noon Qi Ging with Jo

With some similarity to Tai Chi, qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that can have profound effects on wellbeing. Slow, strong, graceful and uplifting, it combines fluid movement, breathing and natural mindfulness to smooth, nourish and channel the qi or vital energy. It results in a calm, balanced mind and a body that is more fluid than it was before with supplies of quiet energy. It gives you the mindfulness to engage in more vigorous or yang exercise including many types of yoga in a balanced way and can be a wonderful complement to these practices.


More accessible to learn than taichi (made up of individual movements rather than lengthy set forms), it can be safely practiced with some initial instruction as a key self-care tool. It can be very useful for all ages, including some remarkable positive impacts seen for people with post-viral fatigue, neurological, circulatory and various stress-dependent conditions. It is accessible/adaptable and safe for all including those who can’t stand or are wheelchair users.


There are no contraindications, no pre-requisites and no equipment necessary. Wear comfortable clothing and flat shoes or have warm thick socks. Come and enjoy a sense of peaceful, smooth ease within yourself!