Open Day - 11.30am Guided Self Care Tarot with Emma Dallow

My name is Emma and I'm a counsellor, therapist, coach and founder of my hybrid private practice, Enlighten Therapies.

I offer supportive & encouraging talking therapies, helping to bring more confidence, authenticity and clarity to my client's lives.

I love to work creatively and as part of my practice I also offer standalone Therapeutic Tarot sessions, both online and in person. 

Join me for 45 minutes of magical tarot talk where I'll be sharing how you can work with the tarot therapeutically, incorporating it into a regular self care practice which encourages deeper personal reflection.

For me, tarot is not about predicting the future, it's a tool to encourage us to look at things differently, to use our imagination to think about what the story on the card is telling us.   

An intuitive, relaxed session ... let's pull some cards, connect and reflect!