7 p.m. - 9 p.m.


Studio 28 (Eurolink, 49 Effra Road, 28, London, England, SW2 1BZ, GB)
(Eurolink, 49 Effra Road, 28, London, England, SW2 1BZ, GB)

Join Holly Husler and shaman Anouska Madden over the September Pisces Full Moon for a magical watery sound journey!

We'll gather in a candle-lit circle, where Anouska will begin by enlightening us about the meaning of this full moon and talk about the element of water, its link with emotions, the unconscious and the sacral chakra, as well as some discussion on water spirits. We are made up of 60% water, so discover how this element can have an effect on you and your life!

We'll then do some energy meditation and some vocal toning in this safe space before we invite you to lie down and get cosy on your mat under a blanket and lavender eye pillow, to receive a beautiful magical sound journey with crystal bowls, water instruments, voice and many more, to dive to the depths of your own unconscious ocean, where you'll be guided to receive a gift from the mermaids.

We'll close with a hot cup of tea and share any insights.

Studio 28