7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.


Studio 28 (Eurolink, 49 Effra Road, 28, London, England, SW2 1BZ, GB)
(Eurolink, 49 Effra Road, 28, London, England, SW2 1BZ, GB)
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Learn the basics of natal astrology with Francesca. Your birth chart is a map of the planets in the sky taken at a specific moment in time. Astrologers look at the signs, houses and relationships between these planets. Send your date, place and time of birth to the nearest minute possible when you book, and Francesca will use this information to print your birth chart! We will look at the basics of a natal chart and talk about signs, planets and houses in your chart. Bring a pen and be ready to dive in!  This event will leave you feeling inspired. And there will be tea.

Francesca Oddie is an astrologer who consults, talks, YouTubes and hosts events internationally.  She studied at the London School of Astrology, The Astrological Lodge of London and The College of Psychic Studies.

Studio 28


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