2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

WORKSHOP: 'Flow Back to Basics'

Brixton Community Base (Upper Hall) (Talma Road, Brixton, SW2 1AS, GB)
(Talma Road, Brixton, SW2 1AS, GB)
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When we’re in a class environment there are often so many things to think about, with one of those being how NOT to think! We want to be ‘in the zone’ but at the same time, we’re not quite sure our leg is supposed to be angled that way or our head quite facing in the direction of our groin…

This ‘Flow Back to Basics’ workshop is designed to improve your yoga practice from a technical point of view so that next time you’re in class, you’ll be more equipped to focus on your breath and channel your Zen, knowing that your downward dog is spot on.

The workshop will effectively be a two hour long Vinyasa flow class with a ‘stop/start’ element which will include a technical breakdown of some of the basic asanas, including how to vinyasa (as well as ‘floating’ forward), so that your understanding of how each pose should be done can be explored, developed and improved. We’ll also cover a couple of the more difficult ones like Bakasana (crow) and headstand.

The vibe will be relaxed, with questions and interaction encouraged throughout, and we’ll finish off with some peaceful meditation so that you leave feeling wonderful and ready to face Monday!

Looking forward to seeing you there! ☺

Holly x

Brixton Community Base (Upper Hall)


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