Monthly Memberships
Friends & Family 5 Class Pack
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 12 weeks.
Join a friend or family member to train with us at one of our Friends & Family Group Classes. Pack of 5 classes valid for 8 weeks.

G5 Junior Athlete
Created for 16-18year olds. Entitles the members to attend 3 Off Peak or Friends & Family Group Sessions a week, with parental supervision.

G5 Open Gym Member
As a G5 open gym are you are eligible to come in and train in our awesome passivity, under your own steam, seven days a week. Open gym memberships are ideal for anyone needing a little more flexibility with their training schedule, working on rehab if they have returned from injury, or prefer to train out with the group setting. Open gym session specifically on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday morning. however open gym memberships may choose to train during the class times, providing priority of space is awarded to the group class.