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Small Group PT:
Our premium personal training package with a custom app, full timetable access to group pt sessions and all engine room sessions, bi-weekly check-ins, habit/goal setting, custom workout plans just for you , guidance of a PT at each small group pt session and a dedicated PT who will be your accountability coach and more.

The custom app is the heartbeat of Small Group PT 2.0, connecting your steps, MyFitnessPal, heart rate watch, and more. With everything at the touch of a button, you'll have direct access to your personal trainer whenever you need support.
Provide instant feedback on each workout, share your preferences, and track your weights and personal bests effortlessly. It's fitness tailored to you, right in the palm of your hand.
This is €52 per week
BJJ Adults
BJJ Adult Membership
This is a 30 day membership and operates on a direct debit rolling contract. We do not offer freezes on this membership option.

If you wish to cancel please email
30 days notice is required for cancellation.
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