Kids Boxing (Sept 2023 - Fri | Age 11-15 | Experienced)
Starts on Sept. 4, 2023. Expires Dec. 15, 2023.
Boxing and fitness programme for kids aged 11-15 years old who have completed beginners programme. The programme teaches defence, pad work and also includes some technical sparring.

Kids require their own gloves and gum-shield to participate. These are available for purchase in our online store.

Classes run for 14 weeks completing week of 11th December.

Course breaks for half term week of 23rd October.

Class times: Fridays from 5pm to 5.50pm.

Note: Parents, please book the membership under the CHILDS name using your email address. You can set up a family account for multiple bookings under same family but each child must be booked individually.

Terms and Conditions


This agreement commences on the date you begin your membership with us.
You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges set out for the type of membership you have purchased.
All memberships, programmes and services purchased are non-refundable. Memberships can be transferred to a later course within a 3-month period. Any transfer made will incur a £30 admin fee. To transfer a course or change start date of a package email

It is the customers responsibility to attend the scheduled sessions. Any missed sessions can be used at Friday catch up class which must be booked by the customer via calendar on Team up app
All sessions must be completed with the 1 month timeframe and cannot carried over to additional course. Exception will only be made upon proof of medical issue or injury.

Your Team Up Account
12 Rounds Boxing operates a self-service membership management system via ‘Team Up’.
On joining 12 Rounds Boxing you must claim/set up your Team Up account.
You are responsible for making changes to your membership using your team up account.
You can find support and guidance online at the link below as well as details on how to contact the team up customer service team.
If you ask 12 rounds to make changes to your account, you will incur a £30 admin fees.
You are responsible for keeping your team up details current at all times.
Booking Sessions (Not applicable to Personal Training Clients)
You must book in to the sessions you want to attend each week via your team up account.
You can download the mobile app ‘Team Up Members’ from Google Play or The App Store or do this via our website.
You can book sessions up to 21 days in advance.
If you do not book you will be refused entry to the class.
Cancelling Sessions (Not applicable to Personal Training Clients)
Please be courteous to other users and cancel sessions you have booked but cannot attend.
You must cancel your session 4 hours before it is due to start if you do not want to lose the session.
Cancellations between the hours of 12am and 6am will not be counted in the 4 hour requirement. eg. a 7.00am session must therefore be cancelled before 9pm the evening before.
Sessions cancelled less than 4 hours before they are due to start will be deemed ‘late cancels’ and lost.
Late Arrival (Not applicable to Personal Training Clients)
If you are more than 15 minutes late to a session, you will be refused entry and your session will be lost.
Waiting lists (Not applicable to Personal Training Clients)
If you are on the waiting list, you will be notified if a slot becomes available.
The offer is time limited, and you must therefore monitor your notifications and accept this slot to secure your place.
If you do not accept your place within the time limit, it will be offered to the next person on the list.
We highly recommend you download the ‘Team Up Members’ mobile app and agree to push notifications so that you don’t miss out.

Kids packages
To book a kid’s package parent/guardian should set up account in CHILDS name using parent email as a contact. Emergency contact details, waiver form and PARQ must be completed before child attends session.
For more than one child you can set up a FAMILY ACCOUNT and add family members.
See link below for guidance in setting up child/family account.
Kids should be collected by a parent or guardian upon class end time. Should you be running late to collect your child you must inform 12 Rounds staff immediately by contacting gym on 0207 924 4404.
Kids must adhere to 12 Rounds rules when in class. If any child continually breaks the rules, staff will notify parents and membership will be discontinued.