Nutritional Seminar

Make the best Food and Drink choices over the Festive period to reduce the damage and less to worry about in the New Year
Learn about Sports Supplementation when to take it and is it any good?
Clear up on Myths and Confusion about differents Diets and Nutrition
How to eat to stay Lean, Support your CrossFit Training and keep you coming back stronger each day
Understand What FOODs to Eat and NOT to Eat to Stay Lean and Strong
FREE Sports Nutrition Samples

The Seminar will be supported by Pure Pharma and Nutrition X
The following companies have donated some cool prizes for to win on the day!!

All proceeds from the Raffle will be going to Cystic Fibrosis Trust Registered Charity No. (England and Wales) 1079049.

About Paul Johnson:
MSc Exercise & Nutrition Science, Graduate member of the Sport & Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr) BSc Sport and Exercise Science
* 4 years and counting working professional in adult weight management
* Data from his MSc thesis was used by Team G.B.Badminton to aid performance during there last Olympic cycle,