Sore Back to Strong Back Course

Revitalise Your Back: Join our 4-Week Sore Back to Strong Back Course!

Don’t put up with back pain for any longer. Join our new Sore Back to Strong Back Course now!

Are you tired of living with constant, nagging back pain? It's time to take action and reclaim your comfort!

Introducing our exclusive 4-Week Sore Back to Strong Back Course!

We have now finalised the dates and times for our final fully funded course (meaning it's free for you to attend!):

The 4 week course will start on Thursday 18th April at 10:30am, and will run for 4 consecutive weeks at the same time, with the final session being on Thursday 9th May.

Taken by experienced physiotherapist & Pilates instructor, Anna Meggitt, you’ll be taken through exercises that will help strengthen and stretch your back, meaning that by the end of each class your back feels more flexible and less painful.

Thanks to funding from Active Essex, we're able to offer this course at no charge to you! Book your spot for free now, and unlock a pain-free future!