LED Sabre Online Foundation Course (Jan-Feb)

This is a six week course, covering the essential basic elements of the Silver Sabres Syllabus. 

Content will include; basic wielding, basic defences, stances, footwork, and cutting drills. All studied in the comfort of your own home. The one-off price provides access to the weekly 60 minute online sessions for the course duration of six weeks.

This course is suitable for those who are unable to attend regular group classes or personal training sessions, and also for existing students who may wish to add additional depth to their Level 1 training outside of the class. This course will require you to have an LED sabre, plastic sword, or something of a similar size to hand in order to participate.

Whilst this course only covers the essential basic elements, those who continue to attend regularly will benefit from increased flexibility, balance, and stamina from the physical literacy and cardio aspects included in the course.