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How to approach Olympic Weightlifting Competition

A weightlifting-based course teaches you the technical elements of the lifts and how to coach them.

However, no other courses demonstrate these:


How the coach should best prepare their athlete(s) for a competition.
What to do if they are over or underweight
How to train your athlete 2 weeks prior to a competition
How to warm up, choose the right weights, and interpret the scoreboard.
This course will transform your ability to not only be able to prepare your athlete in the gym, but also for your athlete on the platform.
Course Content
Weightlifting competition rules
How to prepare a lifter before a competition.
How to warmup a lifter during a competition.
How to choose the right weights for the platform and make fast and good decisions.
Make a plan and programme after the competition.
How to be a coaching platform.
Nutrition before the competition. Losing and gaining weight.
Coach’s job about doping control
How to read the scoreboard, coaching tactics, and practice with our special software