Introduction to Pole (Beginners)

This class is for people who have never been on a pole before, or perhaps who have taken a long break and wish to revisit the fundaments of pole dance. 

You will be in a supportive group environment of fellow beginners where you will learn the spins, poses and transitions that make up the basics of pole dance. Your teacher will lead you in a group warm-up of conditioning and flexibility exercises to help prepare you for the moves in class. Our instructors are there to demonstrate, assist and guide you through thee basics of pole in a fun and relaxed way that is sure to leave you wanting more of this fantastic art form.

Pre-requisites: Zero! This class is for absolute beginners.

Please bring: Layers of clothing (different pole moves require different parts of the body to grip the pole so please wear different layers to ensure you're ready for whatever the lesson may be. A bottle of water to stay hydrated is recommended as is a cloth to clean the pole.


VERY IMPORTANT: This course must meet minimum numbers before it goes ahead. In the case you register for a course that does not meet the minimum number required, you will be offered a transfer to another course or a refund.