9:30 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

BBX Revolution Online

Online Boogie Bounce
5 out of 30 Attendees
Louise Goodridge

Circuit class using the trampoline for cardio and strength.
I minute cardio station, 1 minute strength station with 20 seconds between to change positions. 20 stations in total.
A full body workout in 40 minutes
You only need your trampoline as all the exercises will be performed on the trampoline. No extra mat needed.

Online Boogie Bounce

You will be able to enter the room 10 minutes before class starts and chat to other participants. Microphones and cameras will be on from the start. You must have the camera active otherwise you cannot take part. I need to be able to see all participants.

Microphones will be switched off during the class, so you can hear the music and my instructions clearly.

The room will be open for at least 10 minutes after class for chat.

Please make sure your trampoline is in a secure position on a flat floor and you have enough room around you to fully extend your legs (especially important for the conditioning section). Position your phone so that I can see the whole trampoline.


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Unlimited ACE Boogie monthly plan

With this membership you can go to as many Boogie Bounce classes you want in Chesham, Hazlemere, Luton or Tring. It is unlimited use and is the mo...

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Value Plan - 1 class per week +2 Free during online period

Cost saving monthly payment plan. This plan renews monthly automatically and allows you one class per week (plus 2 Free classes whilst we are boun...

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Bumper Plan - 2 classes per week+2 Free during online period

Cost saving monthly payment plan for regular bouncers. Covers you for 2 classes per week (plus 2 Free classes whilst we are bouncing at home). App...

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