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Personal Fitness Training x 8
What's the best exercise? The one you enjoy and will keep doing! Upgrade functional strength, power, speed, endurance and mobility using a mix of kettlebell training along with calisthenics, barbells, clubs & maces, sleds, medicine balls, and more, aimed at meeting the needs of fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, and those returning or just getting into working out.

Our Personal Fitness programs make use of all of our functional movement patterns and energy systems, and provide carryovers into meeting the challenges of daily life and sport activities. We use proven programming methods to constantly challenge and develop:

Strength and power
Endurance, stamina and recovery
Core strength and stability
Agility and speed
Resilient joints and connective tissue

Daily Fee (single class)
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
Access to any single class.

Daily Fee (x 2 classes in same day)
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
Access to any two classes on the same day.

Kid's Judo
Judo development training for kids ages 10-14. This class will teach and develop the fundamental throwing and grappling skills of Judo as a martial art and combat sport. Class will involve close contact and controlled falls. Judo gi required.

Personal Training x12
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 100 days.
Personal Training sessions.

Self Defense 1/2 Day Camp
Starts on July 10, 2023. Expires July 14, 2023.
The best way to learn and develop self defense skills is with regular, ongoing training! This week long day camp is offered as an intensive introduction to self defense training, focusing on 5 common physical assaults. Participants will learn defensive and offensive striking and grappling skills that smaller individuals can reliably use under stress:

-Defense from strikes and offensive striking

-Defense from standing holds and hair, clothing and wrist grabs

-Defense from ground positions, and offensive options from your back

Class will meet from 10:30-12:30 M-F. Light snacks will be provided. Participants should wear comfortable athletic clothing, with the understanding that we will be grappling, and clothes will be grabbed and pulled. No zippers, buttons or hard decorations.

Ages 15 and up.

Discounts available for siblings.

Kickboxing 1/2 Day Camp- Beginner/Intermediate
Starts on the date of purchase. Never Expires.
Camp is an intensive introduction to the fundamentals of kickboxing as a martial art and combat sport. This program is oriented towards the beginner (less than 6 months) to intermediate (more than 6 months) levels. Sessions include technical instruction, partner drills, bag and pad work, and conditioning. x2 IKF world champion will be our head coach for camp!
Our goal is for all students will leave better than when they came in, whether their goal is self defense or competition.

Required gear:
-12-16 oz boxing/Thai style gloves
-180” hand wraps
-Shin guards

Ages 12 and up. Sibling discount available. Light snacks will be provided.

Personal Training x 8
Starts on the date of purchase. Valid for 365 days.
Personal training x 8 sessions.