Basework Tricks (4 week series)

Welcome to our Basework Tricks Series!

During this 4 week course we'll be exploring lots of very cool shapes & combos using the bottom half of the pole!

Think; pole handstands, shoulderstands, fish flops, flows & much more!

To attend this class it is recommended that you complete at least one term in L1. However, as long as you have the basic understanding of grips required you are welcome. Having any specific fundamentals, such as an invert, is not a requirement to join this series!

Please bring kneepads with you to keep your knees safe!

Only 8 spaces available.

Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes before the class start time & wait in the hallway until the instructor advises you to enter the studio. To ensure safety, all students must participate in a thorough warmup & if you miss the first 5 minutes of class you will be turned away - no exceptions.

Cancellation policy: As this is a 4 week series we require the full series payment upfront (at a slightly discounted rate) & once the series has started no refunds will be issued. Prior to the series starting the usual 24 hour cancellation policy will apply.