Baby Dynamics: 4x Week Hoop Series

Stop, drop & roll!

Wanting to try and do more dynamics but have 'The Fear' surrounding them? Or are you just wanting to learn some fun new drops, rolls, flips & other fun bits?

We’re gonna be looking at smaller/more accessible dynamic movements - no big scary-warys here!


Our 4x week series are designed for you to fast track your progress so if dynamic movements is something that is appealing, then this is the series for you.


There is a requirement to be comfortable with beats & on top bare to attend this series.

Please wear leggings, long sleeved top & bring socks with you. Layers are your friend!


Please ensure you arrive 5 minutes before the class start time & wait in the hallway until the instructor advises you to enter the studio. To ensure safety, all students must participate in a thorough warmup & if you miss the first 5 minutes of class you will be turned away - no exceptions.

Cancellation policy: As this is a 4 week series we require the full series payment upfront (at a discounted rate) & once the series has started no refunds will be issued. Prior to the series starting the usual 24 hour cancellation policy will apply.