*TRIAL OFFER* Unlimited SGT and Classes for 30 Days
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 30 days.
New members only. This introductory offer offers full access to our SGT (Small Group Training) and classes.

Your 30 days start from your first session.

Small Group Training (max 8 people) is more bespoke and you will train to a higher skill and development level than you would in classes. You will start at the level you are now and quickly progress as we teach you how to lift and progress you through weight training. These sessions focus on Strength and Conditioning.

Our classes (max 16 people) focus on Cardio, Endurance and HIIT.

Terms and Conditions

This membership is valid for 30 days from your first session and is a one off payment.
This membership can only be purchased once per client.
There are no refunds on this type of membership.
This membership cannot be paused unless for medical reasons and by discretion of the business.
We require a minimum of 12 hours to cancel a session. If you cancel late, you forfeit that session.
This membership is non-transferable.