7 p.m. - 8 p.m.

NP Health Webinar - Periods, POI, Plant based nutrition

NP Health Webinars
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Karen Grinter, Claire Willett

Not how many things I can get in starting with P..another amazing GP has agreed to join us for an evening of all things related to women's health. Dr. Hannah Short is based in Ely, so not a million miles from us in Northamptonshire. She has a particular interest in helping women with menopause and menstrual problems, Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POi) as well as being qualified in plant based nutrition, a firm believer that the gut biome can truly support us through menstrual problems and improve our menopause symptoms. She is a Former Associate Editor for the BMS journal Post Reproductive Health and committee member of The Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF), Hannah is currently a member of the IAPMD Surgical Menopause Advisory Committee and provides voluntary medical support for The Daisy Network. Proceeds of this webinar will go to the Daisy Network.

NP Health Webinars

Over the 22 years Northants Pilates has been teaching Pilates in the county, we have been lucky enough to work with some outstanding local health professionals. We are now collaborating with them to bring you some insights into looking after yourselves and helping you to get over a few ‘issues with tissues’
Whether sitting at a totally unsuitable desk working from home, furloughed and digging up the garden or welding a paintbrush (that’s me) our amazing team will be talking you through the many and varied problems that they have been treating over the years and what you can do to help yourself stay healthy and pain free.
Our aim is that we can educate you on to help yourselves during this difficult time as we wait to get back to the now oft used ‘new normal’ and all proceeds from these sessions will be given to the Hope Centre in Northampton.


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NP Health Webinars

Every penny/pound made from these webinars with local health professionals will go in full to The Hope Centre in Northampton. Whether sitting at a...

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