12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Introduction To Pilates

The Pilates Studio at Northants Cricket (Northampton, NN1 4PR, GB)
(Northampton, NN1 4PR, GB)
Karen Grinter, Daniel Grinter

Never done Pilates before? This 2 hour workshop will introduce you to the Pilates method. A = Alignment, especially if you spend all day on your bum in front of a screen. B= Breathe, essential to exercising with integrity. C = Centre, vital for good spinal health and creating the much talked about 'core stability', we start with a little bit of anatomy, teaching you about better posture and how to keep your body happier and healthier. We then move on to a mix of exercises where'll you learn the pilates language and principles which will help you do all your exercise and physical labours more methodically This will give you the chance to see why Northants Pilates classes are the best in the county and the reason we get so many referrals from local health professionals. Following this class, you can book a space in our Core Mat beginner friendly classes and get a head start on spinal health, joint mobility and general health and wellbeing.