10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Bexiita PhotoShoot Ready

Off The Ground (25 Taplin Rd,, Sheffield, S6 4JD, GB)
(25 Taplin Rd,, Sheffield, S6 4JD, GB)

Photo shoots can be daunting! It can be so hard to nail your moves and get the picture you want,
but key to photo shoot success is preparation. In this workshop we will look at creative moves, angles, tips
and tricks for those small details, as well as simple floor moves and pole poses. Students are encouraged to bring notebooks to take notes. This class is ideal for first time photo shoot students as well as more advanced students, and we will work with ideas and
moves students already have in mind to create a successful and inspirational shoot! The two workshops work together and complement
each other

Off The Ground