BPA_USA: Centralized Testing Comprehensive Teaching and Practical Assessment



*Please select only one (1) Time Spot.

Centralized Testing consists of a Teaching Evaluation and Practical Exam. Each of these components offers an inside look into the student's teaching and practical skills.

BASI Students are eligible to sign up for Centralized Testing following completion of all course requirements:

• Attending all modules
• Score of 70% or higher on the online written exams
• Completion or near completion of observation, self practice, and student teaching hours
• Submission of the Student Paper

*Hours and Student Paper can be uploaded through your BASI Student Dashboard or submitted by Email to student@basipilates.com.


The Teaching Evaluation consists of a one-hour session for the student to structure an appropriate session for an assigned client (clients will be of an intermediate level with minimum to no physical restrictions provided by the studio hosting Centralized Testing). Structure of the session is at the discretion of the student, but must be limited to repertoire taught within the modules of the course. The exam is graded according to the criteria as outlined in the student download section and based on a pass or non-pass basis.

The Practical Exam consists of a demonstration of four (4) separate Pilates movements. One of the movements will be from the Mat repertoire while the other 3 movements will utilize various Pilates apparatus. All movements are arbitrarily chosen and assigned from Modules 1-12.

This includes repertoire taught on the Avalon/F2 apparatus.

Additional time is provided following the exam to obtain feedback, which can be done either privately or within a group. Final grades are posted in the student's account no later than 30 days following the exam.

Testing Fees: $250

NOTES: once you have purchased this reservation, we will not be able to cancel nor issue a refund. Also, please select the opt in email. The system will only send you information regarding your Centralized Testing (receipt and appointment reminders).