7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Parkour Roots Class

Pimlico (Pimlico Tube Station, London, GB)
(Pimlico Tube Station, London, GB)
Dan Edwardes

Class Location:

Parkour was born and bred primarily on city streets and the Parkour Outdoor Classes stay true to that tradition, rotating around different London training hotspots from month to month. The location for these sessions rotate around popular London training hotspots, meeting by the tube station exit 5-10 minutes before the class start time. Click the sessions to see where the class is for the month!

Class Description:

Parkour is a holistic discipline of movement that requires you to adapt to new terrain, different obstacles and varied challenges the entire time, exploring and pushing your physical and mental limits simultaneously. We don’t believe in just ‘exercise’. At Parkour Generations we train people the way their primal body is meant to be trained – through constant adaptation, practical movement skill acquisition and raw physicality. Our classes are designed to increase the capacity of not just your muscles and joints, but your brains and nervous systems as well as your willpower and spirit. You'll grow stronger, faster, more powerful, more agile and more resilient. Parkour trains the whole individual, not just the athlete.

The Tuesday evening class meets outside that week's designated train/underground station - please make sure you check the location so as to arrive at the correct station! Make sure you’re on time as the class will move out on foot from the meeting point at 7pm sharp, and please try and bring the correct change if you are paying for the class in cash. Bring water, wear training clothes and travel light - and prepare to experience the roots of parkour.

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