6:30 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Parkour Fitness Class

Chainstore Parkour Academy (64 Orchard Place, London, E14 0JY, GB)
(64 Orchard Place, London, E14 0JY, GB)
Francois Mahop

Class Location:

The Chainstore Parkour Academy
Trinity Buoy Wharf
64 Orchard Place
London, E14 0JY

Class Description:

Restore natural movement to your fitness regime in our weekly Parkour Fitness class. Drop the kettlebell, step off the treadmill and start using your body as it has evolved to be used with the variable movement training elements of Parkour Fitness.

The class focuses on truly functional drills drawn from parkour's many movements, including jumping, vaulting, crawling patterns, balancing, climbing and much more, developing your strength, agility, endurance, cardiac-respiratory fitness, power, spatial awareness and overall coordination as well as integrating your mind with your body.

Movement is life: so come get in the best shape of your life with Parkour Fitness.

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