7:15 a.m. - 8:15 a.m.

Strength & Conditioning Class

Chainstore Parkour Academy (64 Orchard Place, London, E14 0JY, GB)
(64 Orchard Place, London, E14 0JY, GB)
Kevin Francomme

It's been said that strong people are harder to kill and more useful in general and here at Parkour Generations we have never been strangers to strength training.

The Parkour Generations Strength & Conditioning Classes have been designed to build all round general physical preparedness. We strip away all of the fancy gimmicks and focus on what has been tried, tested and stood the test of time. Each hour long class focuses on one or two strength-based movements, provides sufficient volume to promote a positive growth response from the body, includes supplementary exercises that help to promote good posture and alignment and finishes with something just out of your comfort zone to make sure your heart and lungs aren't being neglected in your training!

These classes are a fantastic way to support and strengthen your movement across the board and work perfectly in conjunction with regular parkour training.

Classes are open to all levels of ability and experience, and we provide scaled options for everyone no matter how new to training you might be. Each class is limited to 8 participants only to ensure maximum quality coaching from our elite team, so be sure to sign up in advance to avoid missing out!

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