Parkour Origins Workshop with Stephane Vigroux
  • Oct. 13, 2018–Oct. 14, 2018

Parkour Origins is a two-day training camp in London with one of the pioneers of parkour and a founding member of Parkour Generations, Stephane Vigroux. During this 2 day intensive training camp with Stephane you will be exposed to his ideas, through practical exercises and methods to master your movement ...

Urban Adventure Medic Certification
  • Oct. 20, 2018–Oct. 20, 2018

We are proud to be able to bring you the UK’s first Urban Adventure Medicine Course, a bespoke qualification designed for practitioners of urban lifestyle sports to be able to learn the skills necessary to look after themselves, their fellow practitioners and anyone in need of emergency care in an ...

Youth Parkour Camp
  • Oct. 22, 2018–Oct. 26, 2018

Course Location:

The Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy, Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Place, London, E14 0JY

Course Description:

Our Parkour Youth Camps runs during the Easter, Summer and some Half Term school holidays and are the perfect way to keep kids engaged and active during their holidays - ...

The London Chainstore Massacre
  • Oct. 28, 2018–Oct. 28, 2018

The throwdown of all throwdowns...! The Massacre is a full day survival event. You start with three Lives and every challenge that you can't complete to the satisfaction of the Massacre Coaches will strip one of those Lives away. Lose them all and you're unable to progress to the Boss ...

Women's Parkour Progression Course
  • Nov. 10, 2018–Dec. 15, 2018

This 6-week course is the follow-on to our Women's Intro to Parkour Course. Recommended for those who have attended one of our Intro to Parkour Courses or alternatively have attended several Beginner Parkour Classes with us, this Progression Course happens over 6 consecutive Saturday evenings and is the perfect way ...

  • Jan. 6, 2019–Jan. 6, 2019

Setting some new year's resolutions to get stronger and fitter for the New Year? Winterval is the place to start! With a full day of training around some of London's best training locations and top level coaching from the entire Parkour Generations collective, Winterval is the perfect chance to shake ...

Women's International Parkour Weekend
  • May 11, 2019–May 12, 2019

This two-day training event is run by the world's most experienced female coaches of parkour/freerunning and physical fitness and provides both a fantastic way for newcomers to find their feet in the discipline as well as challenging even the most experienced female practitioner. Open to movers of all disciplines, traceurs, ...