Prestique Basic Jumping Certification (Batch 5)

Prestique Basic Jumping Certification is a 2-Days training course for aspiring instructors who wish to conduct Jumping Classes at Prestique Studio.  

The course will cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching Jumping and will cover topics as below:

• Basic Techniques and Coordination on the Trampoline
• Static & Dynamic Stretching
• Core Strengthening & Conditioning Exercises
• Class Engagement & Communications
• Cueing, Basic Choreography and Music Dynamics
• Class Structure and Planning

During the course, the candidates will learn the basics of body anatomy, and how to manage class pacing for the various class levels to be conducted. The correct execution of the basic moves and exercises will be taught, and candidates will be tested on the practical aspects to help better prepare them for their own classes when they start teaching. We believe that experiential learning is important, and candidates will be evaluated throughout the training. Candidates will not be awarded the certification by mere participation.

Upon successful passing of the Prestique Basic Jumping Certification, the candidates will each obtain a certificate that will qualify them to conduct Jumping classes at Prestique Studio. This is an exclusive teaching opportunity and certified instructors are not to teach with other trampoline fitness brands or studios while in contract with us, starting from the point of course enrolment. Approved candidates will be assessed and advised on the instructor payment rates, as well as the necessary code of conduct before we roster them for regular class slots. 

To obtain a pass for the Prestique Basic Jumping Certification, candidates are encouraged to attend Jumping Classes regularly at Prestique Studio, to familiarize themselves with the Basic Jumping techniques, and to build up their stamina. We also have a series of preparatory training workshops every Saturday at 4.30pm for candidates who wish to learn closer with the Master Trainer to get themselves better equipped with the necessary skills towards instructorship. 

Certified instructors will enjoy:

• Direct mentorship from Joraine Tan, our Founder and Resident Master Trainer;
• Proprietary Training Materials for Future Reference;
• 30% Instructor Discount Off all Apparels & Merchandise; and
• 1 FOC Prestique Dare to Jump Tank Top.

We look forward to you joining our Prestique Jumping Team!