Parkour for Explorers

This class is for the Movement Evolution Scotland Explorers age group (Primary 4 - Primary 7).

Parkour is the physical discipline of training to move freely over and through any terrain using only the abilities of the body, principally through running, jumping, climbing and swinging. In practice it focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for such movement, which include functional strength and fitness, balance, spatial awareness, agility, coordination, precision, control and creative vision. Our Parkour class allows youngsters to start their Parkour journey with rails, vault boxes, balance beams and more. Through Parkour we aim to build confidence, determination, self-discipline and self-reliance, and responsibility for one’s actions. We aim to encourage respect for others and for one’s environment, self-expression, and the importance of play, discovery and safety at all times.

Joining the block after the first session? Please get in touch to book to avoid paying for previous sessions.