Clinical taping skills with dance specific adaptations

Couse objectives:

Clinicians working with dancers in clinical settings and backstage performance setting should be comfortable with taping skills taught primarily for athletic populations and should also be able to adapt these for the specific needs of their dancers.

This course has been designed to give participants a full introduction to taping so that each taping product and the rational for application is understood.  Participants will learn the tools of the trade, the different tape supplies, the risks and benefits, as well as best practices for safe application and removal.

Taping techniques will be taught as per normal sport protocol and then participants will learn to adapt these applications to make them specific to the needs of dancers.

The following taping will be taught:

·      Ankle return to sport/dance, inversion vs eversion ankle sprain

·      Acute ankle compression

·      Tibialis posterior support

·      Plantar fascia support – low die arch support

·      Turf toe – Flexor Hallucis Longus support

·      Achilles tendon return to dance

·      Shin splints

·      Superior tib fib joint support

·      Patella femoral pain support and lateral patellar subluxation support

·      Patellar tendonosis strap

·      Knee hyperextension control

·      ACL

·      MCL

·      Hip spica

·      Psoas support

·      Lumbar spine support

This course is a TWO session course.  (Attendee's will attend both Saturday April 6, 4-8pm and Sunday April 7, 1-5pm)

The following supplies will be required and available for purchase with the course at clinic cost ($275.00 + HST) or you are welcome to bring supplies you already own.  Additional supplies will be available at retail

·      Utility scissors

·      Tape sharks

·      Tuff-skin or prewrap spray

·      Skin lube

·      Heel and lace pads x 20 squares

·      1.5 inch athletic tape x 8 rolls

·      Leukotape x 1 roll

·      Kinesio/K tape x 1 roll

·      Prewrap x 2 rolls

·      3 inch tensor x 1

·      Double length 6 “ tensor x 1

·      3” Tensoplast tape x 4

·      2’ Tensoplast tape x 4

·      3” lightplast cover tape x 4


Instructor: Dinah Hampson

Dinah is a Registered International Sports Physical Therapist, a Sport Physio Canada Examiner and Mentor.  Dinah has been travelled extensively with sport as a physiotherapist and Chief Therapist including over a dozen multisport games, University sport, Commonwealth, Paralympic and Olympic events.  Dinah has presented at The Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine, The Performing Arts Medicine Association, and International Association of Dance Medicine and Science.  Dinah is status faculty at the University of Toronto and is the founder of Pivot Sport Medicine & Pivot Dancer.

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Sat April 6, 2024 – 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Pivot Sport Medicine Physiotherapy Orthopaedics
Sun April 7, 2024 – 1 p.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Pivot Sport Medicine Physiotherapy Orthopaedics