1 Class for Free (1C2M) 100% discount code in our Terms and Conditions
Begins on the date of the first registration. Valid for 45 days.
This class costs £30 but you can get for FREE. How? Go to our Terms and Conditions (in your account>documents>Terms and Conditions or find it here: www.londonskatelife.com > menu "How To Book" >Terms and Conditions) Copy the Code, and click in 1 Class for Free (1C2M) 100% discount code in our Terms and Conditions to purchase. On the section box for the discount code, copy paste the code you found regarding the FREE CLASS and you get a Free Class Credit, then you need to select which class for free you want based on your availability and level www.londonskatelife.com > Levels

There is an attendance limit per class, so make sure you book your class on time (we recommend between 10-5 days in advance) and cancel it at least 5 hours before the class time and get your credit back.

All our classes have 14 students per class limit, and we allow 2 students per class to use this voucher, make sure you activate on time. You have 45 days to use it. If you book but you do not cancel before 5 hours, we do not refund you the class.

Find a guide on How to book/cancel at www.londonskatelife.com > menu "How To Book"

Terms and Conditions

1 Group Class (Schedule)
1.1 Bookings and payments:
1.1.1 Please make the payment in the window between 89 days and 5 hours before the start of the group class. We only process payments through GoTeamUp. We do not accept cash. To attend each group class you have to be on the instructor list.
1.1.2 Cancellation Cutoff: 5 hours before the start of the group class. Just click on the scheduled class and cancel it. No refunds will be offered for cancellations made less than 5hrs before the class. We do not provide your class back unless you have cancelled in the required time frame. Your money is held as class credit until the expiration time. This time can only be extended through a specific agreement by the LSLife admin.
1.2 Attendance: You can come to any group class on Fundamental Technique or Special Discipline using any class pass. The only restrictions are:
1.2.1 Level Requirements: Our Students have access to all the group classes if the minimum level is achieved. A test video is available on the website. The student needs to perform the video at the required level. This information is available in the description of each group.
1.2.2 Ratio: Possessing a class pack does not guarantee a slot in the class. Classes are limited to 3 to 15 students per group class.
1.2.3 CANCEL: The class has been cancelled by the instructor with a time window of 3h. Your credit will be returned.
1.2.4 End a Class Pass: If you are not longer interested in your class pass, we do not provide any money back, but we can convert the pass to another class pass or private lesson, and we can extend the time of the pass for an additional of 3 extra months (4C1M) or transfer it to another student. You need to email us not more than 15 days after the class pass purchase.