Intro to Dance-Zaira Tary

This event has been cancelled



“Your first dance steps on skates”

1. Warm up 

2. Introduction to Roller dance foundations, how to groove, the bounce, find your confidence. 

3. We going to start with very basic steps like “ side to side, scissors, taps, etc. “ mixed with upper body moves and body expression to help you find your own flow and groove useful in general for your skate journey ,building up from the easiest to the hardest ( still beginner level) it depends on how the group level is we can also go into basic crossovers and slides. 

Instructor: Zaira Tary @zairatary_roller

Level: LS1


Location: Battersea Sports Centre, Hope Street SW11 2DA


Date: 03/12/2023 14.15-15.00