Customise the BACK

Orders are placed at the end of the month. If you order after the 29th, the item will be included in the next month's order

If your product doesn't already have a logo on the back, you can add one!

You have a choice of a logo or a logo with a name. It's up to you how you want it to look.

e.g. "White Momentum Parkour Logo with a Blue C around the M. The Name 'JJ' underneath. Logo to be large and fill the back".

1. Choose your original, one-sided clothing and add to cart
2. Navigate to this page
3. Under 'Size', choose either 'logo' or 'name and logo'
4. Add to Cart, then specify exact name or logo in the 'Special Requirement' Box.

Logo - We will choose the most suitable, medium sized one if you dont specify any information.


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