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Leatherhead Parkour - PROGRESSION - (Ages 12 +)

Main Sports Hall
Leatherhead Leisure Centre
Guildford Road
KT22 9BL

There is a large car park at the rear of the centre that has an entrance around the side into the facility.

On arriving, please let the reception know you are there for parkour and they will let you through.

Course Description

This is our Discover Parkour termly course at Leatherhead

This is where it all begins! All traceurs start small and build up gradually so there's no time to loose (quick, go balance on something!)

This is the ultimate course for beginning and developing in parkour. We provide an immersive training experience through our efforts to teach parkour concepts, history, teamwork (yes teach teamwork), humility, determination and resilience . A alongside all the movement skills you expect from a course in this discipline. All this in a safe and supportive environment that will allow progression of all the movement skills including running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, crawling, balancing, swinging, diving and rolling.

This is not gymnastics - parkour is about reacting to the challenges the environment presents rather than meeting the needs of a strict model. In parkour, the adventure never ends and students are always breaking boundaries and setting new goals. Instead of judge's opinion dictating the training, Parkour teaches that safety and care of the body and environment are paramount (and having the good old fashioned kind of fun that comes from proving to yourself you can do things that looked impossible).

Sessions are never repeated - there is always something new to learn.

*** NEW for SPRING 2016 - Each Theme of the Week will be based around someone who has made a huge contribution to the origins, development or training methods of parkour. Here are the first four:

WEEK 1 - "The Natural Method" - Georges Hébert
WEEK 2 - "Rescue Dynamics" - Raymond Belle
WEEK 3 - "Route Repetition" - David Belle
WEEK 4 - "Play Parkour" - Sébastien Foucan

Class Description

Sessions are structured and provide a pathway for progression over the term.

The 1hr 45m sessions include:
- Warm up
- Movement Families
- Parkour Routes
- Movement Games
- Group challenges (teambuilding)
- Conditioning
- Theme of the Week - parkour concepts - see below
- Grid Time - individual centred, skill development
- Constant Movement - obstacle courses
- Cool downs

Theme of the Week
This section accommodates all the concepts and abilities that are crucial in developing as a traceur - students will usually be in small groups, working with the same coach throughout the course.

Each week will focus on a different area and themes include:
- Developing Fluidity
- Risk Assessment
- Learning How to Fall
- Humility
- Three Step Acceleration
- Determination
- Changing levels
- Rollin' up and Rollin' out
- Resilience
and many more....