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Dorking Parkour 7-11yr

Class Location

Main Sports Hall
Dorking Sports Centre
Reigate Road

There is a large car park at the rear of the centre that has an entrance directly into the facility. Tickets are 60p for an hour and a penny a minute after that (£1 = 100 minutes).

On arriving, please let the reception know you are there for parkour and they will let you through.

Class Description

Parkour Session at Dorking

These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment to develop the movements and abilities that are part of parkour. This includes running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, crawling, balancing, swinging, diving and rolling.

Sessions are never identical and are continually focusing on different areas of the discipline, including free training time.

Sessions are structured and include warms up, movement games, and cool downs.

Read more about these classes on the Dorking page of our website.