Saturday Morning HIIT

This course has been cancelled

A 30 minute HIIT workout with weights (you'll need to bring your own handweights) concentrating on moving the body as a whole.  Using exercises that take us through multi directional planes of motion and prepare us for functional work in standing. We'll be utilizing the muscles fully and working 3 dimensionally, making the most of our core muscles!

We'll usually take 5 or 6 excerises and do around 4 sets of each, progressing them as we go.  Expect to get hot and sweaty and leave the class feeling rejuvinated and enegised, but not exhausted!

This class is pelvic floor safe! (it's low impact) and suitable for those who want to begin a cardio/weightbearing workout.  Perfect for peri and menopausal ladies who need to add a strength workout to their weekly exercise.