Pregnancy Yoga 85 Hour Teacher Training with Sally Parkes

This 85hr Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Teacher training course is fully certified & accredited Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) and Yoga Alliance (USA) and is taught by Sally Parkes BSc, EYT, SYT, RPYT. With full accreditation from the above bodies, our internationally renowned certified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training course offers 85 hours of learning about all aspects of becoming a mother – from pregnancy, to the postnatal period and Parent & Baby Yoga.

Join as a student, but leave as a teacher with the knowledge, confidence & expertise to successfully run classes & private sessions which deliver safe, uplifting and effective yoga & functional movement practices, with clients at varying stages of this miraculous journey & beyond.


Modules covered


Pregnancy Yoga Module:

Safe yoga and functional movement for prenatal and postnatal bodies.

Pranayama, relaxation, meditation, and Hypnobirthing for mental and emotional support.

Addressing postural issues during pregnancy.

Sequencing yoga sessions for expectant and postpartum mothers.

Effective use of yoga props for support.

Yoga for Birth and Birth Preparation Module:

Yoga for optimal fetal positioning.

Use of exercise ball and chair for pregnancy and birthing.

Understanding the role of the Nervous System during birth.

Discussion of different types of birth.

Supportive meditation, visualization, and affirmations for birthing mothers.

Understanding stages of pregnancy and birthing.

Postnatal Yoga and Parent & Baby Yoga Module:

Functional movement for postnatal period.

Addressing postnatal physical ailments and malalignment.

Recovery yoga and relaxation for mothers with birth trauma.

Parent & Baby Yoga class planning and facilitation.


After completing this course, you will have the skills to:

Be able to teach a Pregnancy Yoga class/private session, a Postnatal Yoga class/private session and a Parent & Baby Yoga class/private session.

Teach a well-rounded functional movement class that honours a woman’s mind, emotions and physical & subtle body at this special & sacred time.

Integrate props effectively into classes to allow accessibility for all participants.

Adapt classes for those with specific injuries (pregnancy/birthing or otherwise) & common ailments, such as lower back pain, pelvic girdle pain, low/high blood pressure, fatigue, tight shoulders, stiff neck and any other physical changes.

Have a clear understanding of why it is important to incorporate all elements of yoga into a class; the subtle body, the spiritual aspects, philosophy, energetics and the physical practice.

Have a clear picture of what actually happens to the body during pregnancy and birth: hormonal, emotional, physical & mental changes.

Take a compassionate, non-judgemental approach to individual clients, create rapport & offer genuine support to people on their journeys.



A basic understanding of Yoga Asana (poses) including Sun Salutations is advised. 

You do NOT need to have completed a 200 hour yoga training. 



You have 1 month after the last day of the training to complete coursework. 




Non-refundable deposit of £200 is required to secure your place. 


Payment Plan Option for Sign ups after 5th May 2024

£200 deposit to secure your place

1st payment of £325 by 30th June

2nd payment £325 by 31st August

How to enrol:

There are 2 ways to enrol on the course, if you are unsure of the process please email us to

1. Sign up and pay the amount in full, includes the £200 non refundable deposit. 


2. Purchase the £200 deposit from 'Pricing Options' this will then allow you to enrol in the course. The remaining amount can be purchased also from Pricing Options and must be paid for 1st May 2024. Failure to pay for the remaining amount and you may be refused access to the course. 


For payment plan please email us to


Cancellation Policy 

If you decide to cancel:

Cancellation up to 30th April and you will receive a refund minus the £200 deposit.
Cancellation after 30th April and no refund will be given.
The course fee under no circumstances can be transferred to another course run by Sally Parkes or The Wild Box Ltd. 
The course fee under no circumstances can be transferred to another person. 

If we decide to cancel:

In the event of low sign ups we reserve the right to cancel the course and due notice will be given along with a partial refund that excludes £50 administration fee.