7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Wildcard Wednesdays: Kendama

Room to Move (41 West Bowling Green Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 5NX, GB)
(41 West Bowling Green Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 5NX, GB)
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Chris Martin

Part of our Wildcard Wednesday workshop series. For ages 14+. 

Bored? Travelling? Waiting around for someone? If you've ever wished you had something more inspiring, fun and satisfying to do than scrolling endlessly on your phone in those situations, kendama might be for you.

A kendama is a wee skill toy small enough to fit into most bags (and even some pockets!) with a deceptively simple concept. There's a ball on a string attached to a handle. Chuck the ball, and "catch" it somewhere on the handle's cups, edges or its spike.

Sound easy enough? Add in different grips, swings and loops and the combos are endless. Within seconds of picking up a kendama for the first time, you'll realise this "toy" is actually also training your reaction speed, hand-eye co-ordination and balance. So much so that kendama play has been used as a way to evaluate robotic arms!

Chris Martin, one of Access Parkour's lead coaches, became a kendama convert a few years ago. Today, you'll see him with his kendama all around Edinburgh whenever he has a few seconds to spare.

As well as using it to train his physical skills, Chris loves the sense of focus and mindfulness that comes from kendama flow.

Join Chris for this friendly introduction to kendama. Kendamas will be provided to all participants for the duration of the workshop, but you're also welcome to bring your own!

Please note, Wildcard Wednesday workshops are not included in our membership packages. These are specially developed, one-off experiences and are only available at either Drop-in or Concession prices, which may vary according to the length and content of the individual workshop. 

Room to Move


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