7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

LEAP Festival Fortnight: Introduction to Parkour Workshop

Holyrood Parliament (Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH99 1SP, GB)
(Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH99 1SP, GB)
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Nina Ballantyne,

A free Introduction to Parkour Workshop for LGBTIQ+ adults as part of LEAP Festival Fortnight. The session will be led by qualified coaches from Access Parkour and will last 90 minutes. Participants will warm-up in a large group before splitting into smaller groups of 6-8 to start work on basic parkour techniques. 

Meeting point: on the corner of Horse Wynd, to the left of the main parliament visitor's entrance, next to the block of regular bike racks. You can look at the rough area on google maps at the following link:


More information, including accessibility information, is below:

Parkour is a physical discipline. Parkour practitioners use their body to move between, through, over, under and around different structures in their environment. These structures can be natural features like rocks or trees; architectural features like walls, railings or benches; or purpose-built structures in parkour ”parks” or “gyms”. We refer to all these structures as obstacles, and focus on learning different ways to overcome them. Although parkour is a physical activity, it is not a typical competitive sport. There are no winners or losers in most training, and no goals to be scored. Instead, practitioners are encouraged to find and overcome challenges and obstacles that are right for them, and to support one another in doing so.

The workshop will start with the coaches introducing themselves and asking participants if they have any injuries or conditions they want the coaches to be aware of. Coaches will make clear they are available throughout the session to answer any questions or for participants to share anything they are not comfortable sharing with other participants.

Coaches will also point out where the nearest bathrooms are for participants. These are available at any time, but there is no scheduled comfort break within the 90 minutes.

During this introduction or immediately afterwards, coaches will lead a physical warm-up, increasing the heart rate of participants. This helps our muscles get enough oxygen and our joints prepared to use their full range of motion. It also helps our brains become more connected to our bodies. This will usually be a combination of physical games and mobilising exercises. After this, about 20 minutes in, there will be a short break for water and participants may be asked to walk or jog to the next spot for training. This walking/jogging distance could be up to 400m. 

The main part of the workshop will begin at this point. Participants will be taught how to jump and land safely on flat ground and from/to higher objects like kerbs, steps and low walls. Participants will be shown how to move safely over slightly higher obstacles like walls or railings around waist height, using hands and feet to vault or climb. The coaches might also show participants some basic balancing techniques on low railings and how to combine different movements.

The workshop will end with a cool down. In this section coaches will recap what was learned in the workshop while asking participants to follow their lead in stretching out the main muscles used in the session. 

Accessibility and transport info: 

There are plenty of purpose-built bike lock facilities around the Parliament. The nearest bus stops are on Holyrood Road and Abbeyhill Crescent (about 250m from the meeting place). There is a nearby carpark, with an entrance on Queen’s Drive, which is free to park in after 17.30, and is around 100m - 200m from the meeting place, depending where you park.  

Although there are large grassy sections, the walkways and other terrain near the Parliament is level and smooth, with step free options for most paths.

As the workshop is taking place in the evening, the nearest public bathrooms will be closed, but the Kilderkin pub on Canongate is close to the workshop location (300m) and has a bathroom.

No catering is provided for the session, although there is a small Tesco on Holyrood Road (about 400m away) should you wish to buy your own food.

As the whole workshop will take place outside, there may be some noise and disruption from traffic, passersby or the weather, but there will be no artificial lighting.

We do not have access to audio loops or a BSL interpreter for this event.

During the workshop we will be using uneven terrain, including steps, kerbs, walls and railings to learn different kinds of movements

Holyrood Parliament

We meet outside the Parliament building in the open grassy area beside the Parliament.
If it is raining, there is a small undercover spot where we will meet and take register.


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