RPT: Assistant Coach course

The Assistant Coach course is aimed at young people and those interested in becoming involved in volunteering and looking to support their local coach or club. It also aims to give Coaches and understanding of the training programmes used to develop the skills of children through the successful Spanish Tennis System. The main objectives are to train candidates in how to assist a fully qualified coach.

On successful completion of the course coaches should be able to:
Know the basics of tennis; strokes, game formats and variations of the sport
Understand how to introduce tennis to people of all ages and abilities
Learn effective communication and organisation skills
Put your skills into practice on court – warm up activities and on court drills
Know the attributes and responsibilities of a practice hitter
Understand the structure of a practice hitting session
Learn about different types of feeding
Understand the 5 game situations of singles
Leading a practice hitting session

Have a basic understanding of the Successful Spanish teaching system, exclusive to the RPT.