Winning matches
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Ever wondered why you lost a match to a weaker player? Why can't you play in matches the way you do in practice? Want to know how some players always grab the win? These sessions are in collaboration with 'Momentum in Sport: The Hidden Force in Tennis' and we look at the narrative behind the matches you're playing. This involves understanding turning points, discovering the secret scoring system, how to mentally manage performance and when to change tactics. The cost of this course includes a 2 hour online learning module by Momentum in Sport where you get a 66% discount on the standard retail price.

You're buying 2 x 60 minute on court sessions + an online course.

Terms and Conditions

The first payment is due on the start date of the coaching package. If you cancel within a day of a the group session you will be charged full price for that session. Your payment details will be securely stored in our system for the duration of the coaching package. Boom Coaching Limited are the coaching provider to Redhill Lawn Tennis Club and Reedham Park Sports Club, anyone receiving tuition from Boom Coaching must become a member of the Tennis club after the first month of play, failure to join the club will result in the termination of this coaching agreement. We understand that budgets are being squeezed at the moment so if you have any financial difficulties please email because we wouldn't want you to miss out on Tennis.

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