1 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Chakra + Restorative Yoga Workshop

Root To Rise Yoga (222 W. Franklin St., Kenton, OH, 43326, US)
(222 W. Franklin St., Kenton, OH, 43326, US)
Bobbie Cooley

Learn about the 7 main body chakra energy chakras and how to balance them through meditation and yoga. This workshop will combine meditation, aromatherapy, and longer-held restorative poses to release stuck energy in the body. As you learn about each chakra, and relax into each pose, you will better understand how each posture can help unblock and balance these specific chakras in the body. 

Each participant will receive a chakra bracelet and info card to take home. Cost is $45 for this 2-hour workshop.

(The studio will have all props necessary but feel free to bring your own mat, yoga blanket, and blocks.)

Root To Rise Yoga


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